We at ACT Chiropractic know that nothing happens to your body without your nervous system telling it what to do when its running smoothly. So often when there is a problem with your nervous system in your spine bones you can suffer signs like neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, back pain, sciatica or disc injury.

Fortunately we are experts in detecting correcting and returning your happy spine, back into balance and help relieve a lot of those symptoms.  Our focus in delivering effective chiropractic care is about returning the balance back into your spine, teaching how to keep it that way and giving you freedom back into you family life, work life and play.

Clinic Hours
Monday:   7.30 AM to 6.00 PM

Tuesday:    Closed

Wednesday:  7.30 AM to 6.00 PM

Thursday:     2.45 PM to 6.00 PM

Friday:          7.30 AM to 6.00 PM

Saturday      7.30 AM to 10.30 AM

Phone: (02) 6262 0880
Email: gungahlin@actchiropractic.com.au
HICAPS available

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